Castell Coch by Gary Yeung


I’m really pleased to share the art of Gary Yeung after he recently posted a fantastic illustration of Castell Coch for the popular #inktober2023 drawing challenge.

I’ve been following him online for a while and got in touch when I realised he’s produced quite a few pieces featuring the castle.

Illustration of Castell Coch with red dragon by Gary Yeung
© Gary Yeung

I asked Gary to tell me a little bit about himself, “Originally from Hong Kong, I am now settled in Newport. I love documenting the environments through sketching and have been an urban sketcher for over a decade. In the city I came from, I used to sketch lots of urban scenes and now besides sketching urban elements, I have this new opportunity to sketch lots of historic structures and scenes in nature. Apart from sketching, I also produce illustrations and studio paintings.”

Gary told me why he draws Castell Coch, “The castle is, as many call it, a fairytale-like castle. I like the overall shape of the castle and the location that it’s situated. It has a quality that’s found in fantasy art.”

Watercolour illustration of Castell Coch by Gary Yeung
© Gary Yeung

I’m a big fan of urban sketching and really enjoy Gary’s other work. He told me, “I definitely like going out to sketch since it allows me to observe the details, the ambience of the place and to interact oftentimes with the people from the area while I sketch. I do workshops from time to time and its fun to do it since I like to share the things I’ve learnt along my art journey with others and in return I also learn many new things from the participants.”

Illustration of Castell Coch by Gary Yeung
© Gary Yeung

You’ll often see Gary posting work from the National Museum. The “Cardiff Museum Drawing Group” meet every Tuesday to draw items in the collection.

Watercolour illustration of Castell Coch and Santa by Gary Yeung
© Gary Yeung

Gary sells selected original art pieces and prints. Follow him online using the links below.

Massive thanks to Gary for speaking to me and sharing his work.

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  1. I love Gary’s work! He sketched Cathays Brass when we were playing in Bute park a while back… Really catches the atmosphere in his sketches!

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