Castell Coch – A Poem by T I Jones


The Glamorgan County Magazine published 13 issues between October 1948 and 1952. This poem by T. I. Jones appears in the first issue of Volume 2 in Autumn 1949. A photo of Castell Coch is on the cover.

The title was printed by The Castle Printing Works in Water Street, Port Talbot. I couldn’t find any information about why the magazine folded.

Illustration of Castell Coch

Carved in the hill, a stately
Castle stands twixt earth and heaven,
Its turrets richly framed in beauteous
Slopes of forestry,
O’erlooking fertile meads, green wold,
And peaceful, fragrant glen;
A citadel of stone inlaid
In wooded majesty.
Here, unawed by shades of feudal lords,
Nature reigns supreme,
Radiant in the robes of spring
Or summer’s regal splendour,
When myriad leaves in countless trees
Are bathed in verdant green,
Which later, dipped in tints of gold,
Herald autumn’s grandeur –
A prelude to the fall.
When winter’s crystal frost arrives,
Transforming leafless boughs
Into a silken tapestry,
A stillness undisturbed by
Endless chant of birds, revives
The past, and turns the thoughts
To deeds that changed our history.
Within these walls, in feudal days,
The sturdy Norman dwelt,
When William’s barons came this way.
To dispossess the Celt.

T. I. Jones

Scan of magazine cover

The magazine covered a variety of subjects including history, education, health, art and sport. The Autumn 1949 issue was edited by Dewi Morgan. Later issues were edited by Kenneth Rowland Harris, who went on to edit the Penarth Times and founded the Penarth Civic Society.

Scan from a magazine which includes an illustration of Castell Coch and a poem
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