Scaffolding on Castell Coch

Chimney Conservation Tour

Extensive conservation work was carried out at Castell Coch in the summer of 2018. Cadw had been monitoring water damage for a number of years and efforts to fix the problem were unsuccessful. After further surveys highlighted weaknesses in the chimney stacks, it was decided that significant conservation work was required. Cadw offered tours of …

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Three sculptures of parrot headed characters by Laura Ford in Castell Coch

Discovering the Squatters at Castell Coch

A collection of fantastical creatures have taken over the castle in a new exhibit at Castell Coch. The sculptures, by acclaimed artist Laura Ford, are presented by TEN. and Cadw. Dafydd Elis-Thomas AM, the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism opened the exhibit last week at a special preview event. Cat Gardiner, the curator of TEN. described working …

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A dark and spooky edited photo of Castell Coch

The Ghosts of Castell Coch

Castell Coch is famous for its ghost stories, but how many do you know? Here are two tales that might make you think about visiting the castle after dark again. Excerpts from “Turn of the Century Ton” by Roger Brown. This article was originally published on The Story of Dame Griffith Her son, while exploring …

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Lego model of Castell Coch

A Lego Fairytale

I was watching YouTube back in 2014 and stumbled across a video of a Lego fair in America. There was a guy being interviewed about a Lego model he’d built that was based on a real German castle. I was always looking for interesting topics to write about so I did some digging and found …

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Castell Coch

Welcome to

I’ve been writing about Castell Coch for about 8 years so I thought it was about time I created a dedicated website for the memorabilia, stories and images that I’ve collected. I’m going to focus on four main areas of interest to me: Art The castle has probably inspired thousands of artists over the years. …

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